Client: You provide us with project information ( such as pdf drawings, sketches, materials, camera positioning, number of required renders and render resolution)

Vertpix: In 24 hours we email you a complete proposal for the project based on the information provided

Client: You email us confirmation for proposal acceptance and final drawings in DWG format (Archicad files are acceptable too)

Vertpix: Based on the received drawings we create 3D model and mark the cameras location. We email you pdf files with model presentation and marked cameras for your approval.

Client: If any revisions are required to the model provided your inform us on required revisions and we revise the model

Vertpix: Model is corrected as per required revisions and textures are applied to same. We provide you with low resolution render with materials/textures applied to it.

Client: If any revisions are required to the applied textures/materials, you provide us with info on the required revisions

Vertpix: We produce final render in required resolution and provide you with low resolution render with our watermark, so you can see the final product. We also provide you with details of our account where the payment shall be made.

Client: You perfrom the payment as agreed.

Vertpix: We send you final render in full resolution.

Each revision required after the final render is provided will result an additional cost which will be agreed upon based on the required changes.