Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
What are the prices?
The price depends on the particular effort that the visualization requires. The complexity and desired depth of details make the price unique and varying according to each project. Regarding the price, we create an individual offer that is completely free and without obligation.
What plan documents are required for a quote or for placing an order?
For a free estimate we need a copy of your plan documents in a digital form (CAD drawings, sketches, photos, etc.), a plan of the object with the corresponding site views (environment) of the object. Please don’t hesitate to send us a sketched description of the services needed and we will provide you with a proposition for your project. We will contact you if we need additional information.

How do I place an order?
The fastest and most effective way is by e-mail. After completing the visualization we will send it back to you via e-mail.
Do I pay extra if I want a correction?
Three corrections are included in the price. One for 3D Object, material/textures and one for final render. For more detailed information please visit the processes part in the main menu of our Web site.

How do we contact each other?
The sending of the plans and your order will be done electronically (email or a link for download). We communicate with you or your representative over skype or e-mail to establish contact and to clarify some details. Our team is easily reachable and offers assistance 24/7.
How do I receive my ordered work and in what type of format?
You will receive your order in your desired format, size and quality (resolution) by email or ftp-link.

How long will it take for you to deliver?
Our delivery time depends on the scope and complexity of the project e.g. complete interior visualization of a 100 m² apartment usually takes about 7 working days after receipt of all required documentation.

How can I pay my bill?
You can pay the Invoice with a bank transfer for non – EU countries or via skrill. You will need to fill in an international transfer certificate at your bank.